8 March 2008

Six months ago with Gallery O in Perth I agreed that my unsold paintings + bronze sculpture would be returned late February. To be extra sure, last month I reminded Ms. Faithful (!) to the fact that I need the apple painting because I sold it to a client in the Netherlands.

Late February I hadn’t heard anything back. But frankly said; I hadn’t – ‘Oh, seasoned as I am’ – expecting something to happen without me again ringing the bell.
So, March 1st I asked by email if everything was ready for shipping back to me. Silence …
On March 4th I asked again. Silence …
On March 5th, I asked again. Silence …
She also didn’t respond to her voice message.

Nice, right? Exhibiting. I love it ranting
Well, I never do it again! This really is the last time.
Last year I got that bullshit with gallery Fisher. And now this.
Why are these things never handled like adults, such as a normal transaction in ordinary business life? Why are artists treated like whining kids. Or like an annoying mosquito? We are talking about $ 42,000 worth of trade. And believe me; I’m a very easy-going, understanding and accommodating person. And yes, I know … that’s exactly the reason why people walk all over me.

Please help me to remember this, as soon as I’m lyrically happy again if a gallery ‘ask me’. I’m done with them. No way I’m exhibiting again via a gallery.

After writing this rant … there was a reply in my inbox. Ms. Faithful wrote: “I have been ill and not at the gallery.”

Now she too ruined my cliffhanger!