Arrived in South-Africa

27 September 2007 (South Africa)

At 3 AM I finished the painting and was done with cleaning the house. All for keeping up our good reputation! The alarm clock was ringing at 6 AM. Just before leaving, in the first daylight I could make a picture of the painting for the Australian gallery.
I wanted to shorten the pants in the plane while I was wearing it, as long as I could smuggle a needle and a seam ripper. And what was the reason again, to iron the finished laundry if everything got stuffed in a suitcase??? So that was skipped.
Oh and yeah … the agreement for buying the house was signed.

Auckland is the 1-hour flight.
Then wait for 3 hours …
… for a 12 hour flight to Hong Kong.
Arrived in South-AfricaThan wait another 3 hours …
… for a 12-hour flight to Johannesburg.
And wait 5 hours …
… for a 2 hours flight to George (that’s the name of a city).

When we arrive it’s Wednesday and 41 hours ago since we awoke.