25 September 2007 (South Africa)

imagineImagine … at this moment it’s Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning we would depart to South Africa to visit my Dad.
And imagine … for the last couple of weeks I’m working my ass off to finish the Apple painting, so it can dry and is ready to ship to an Australian gallery after we return. I only need to paint the tree trunks and the stems of the apples, which is 1 full day of work.
Imagine too … that I have to do 2 laundries before we leave. And that I need to do a minimum amount of house cleaning because one of the neighbours will come to feed our cat. And that I want to shorten the comfortable pants I planned to wear during the trip. And that I urgently need to buy contact lens solution because otherwise I can throw them in the bin tonight.
And imagine that the rest of this afternoon was meant to do the paperwork for buying the house from our neighbour (of which I will write more later).

And then imagine … Frank says: “Oh shit, the tickets are for Tuesday. Instead of Wednesday!”