18 February 2007

And than … after the art competitions Wally & Molly I continued to Hammy.
Hammy is Hamilton. A nice town in the middle of the North Island, where the ‘Painting and Printmaking Awards’ were be held.


A few weeks ago I had sent my painting Polytrichum Antrum to the jury. Not because I considered this one as a leading contender, but because I had no other painting available at that moment. According to me it doesn’t matter which painting I send. Every time I’m full of confidence that I gloriously will win … and every time the jury has completely different thoughts.

The preview just before the official opening.

I try to find a pattern; The winner of Wally did frantic attempts in the competition circuit during a few years. So after a while his name became familiar at the juries in this small country. I think I should follow his lead and next time try to get Wally’s attention with one of my monster sizes!
The winner of Molly’s competition was a local celebrity who drags away one or more prizes every year. But I don’t think I will give Molly a second chance to get a real Van Lubeck next year. The exhibition afterwards was a bit of a ‘different genre’ of what I’m looking for.


Hammy was in professionalism as well as in location of the exhibition and the amount of the prizes close to Wally. To my pleasure my painting was in the final selection, along with 50 others, chosen from 200 submissions. However, I even didn’t win 1 of the 6 bottles of champagne. Let alone the grand prize of $ 15,000. What I did get was the notice of ‘visitor’s favorite choice’. Isn’t that better than a choice of the jury?


Luckily later that night, on the street, I got a sincere compliment of a drunkard, about my glitter blouse …
That was the most satisfying end.