28 January 2007

From the contest Wally we smoothly move over to Molly.
Molly Morphet is an art contest in our own Whakatane and in the local papers I just read that 184 entry forms have been received. Less than Wally, but the prestige and amount of prize money also is smaller.

mollySo, today we have delivered ‘Cyphomandra Vitra’ at the back door of the War Memorial Hall; the community center where all the village highlights are happening.
This week, a jury will view the 184 entries and then 60 of the best paintings will be hanged for a short weekend exhibition. The refused artworks need to be quickly removed before the exhibition weekend, otherwise they will be trashed. Friday night will be handed out a grand prize of 5000 dollar and some smaller prizes.

The paintings from the exhibition in Dunedin are returned home.
All of them. Yes dear readers, the career of an artist is paved with disappointments! The gallery owner asked me to keep them for a longer period, but I wanted them back because of this art weekend in our Whakatane. Imagine that 1 big customer fancy an impulse purchase.
These things happen. Isn’t it?!

Well …
It’s Friday morning now …

My painting is not selected by the jury of Molly. They even weren’t willing to hang it!
While in the selected artworks, sometimes more than 1 painting per artist had been selected!
Tsah! What a humiliation!

Phew, I take it as my painting looks too professional. Or at least ‘too unusual’. Because … amongst the selected works there was no kind of art I had never seen before. Of course Art doesn’t need to be innovative per sé, but I still prefer something modern which is original, above the thousandth Bob Ross landscape or another more aquarelled children’s face.
There were a few really nice things (about 2 …) but also a lot of canvasses which made me cry (and not because I was touched).

But okay, I got it. The conclusion is; I better don’t join in to every contest out there. For an art contest at the local mall you apparently have to submit ‘local mall art’. I didn’t realize that. I thought I easily could bump away the other artists, just like an elephant.
So now I understand, I’ll have to compete against these art school types. It is difficult to accept, but rather a fight against a knitted hedge trimmer (like seen at Wally’s) than against inadvertently disabled Bambi in a bright green field of non-opaque paint (sorry, no photo).

Tsss, that arrogance of Mrs Van Lubeck, huh?!