Badasses 2

21 April 2006

After I had recovered from badasses part 1, today for the first time in my life I saw a guy with a real hook as a hand !!! I thought a hook was a scary concoction of a writer of sailor stories. Probably a hook is a lot more robust in use and you are more frightening at a threatening fight, but it’s still fascinating that someone prefers a shiny hook to a skin-colored fake hand. I forgot to check if his car or wife were looking badly scratched.

If those New Zealanders prefer practical above aesthetic, then I wonder if the guy with the integral helmet actually does have a head …

When we were just arrived, I found the New Zealander much more polite than the Dutchman. Everyone greets each other on the street, except in a busy shopping street because as we said; being practical above all. You will always be noticed by the staff of a shop, greeted and asked for your well-being. Like Americans.
If you are along the road with car trouble, you will never be ignored. And if you drawed your head into your collar, your hands deep into your pockets, while making yourself as small as possible, on a spot that is not especially a walking trail … then the passing drivers still are supposing you are loudly screaming for help.

badasses 2

Drawed with a stick

At this point, their politeness changes into ignoring clearly silent signals.

Recently, there was a door-to-door collection week for a certain charity, of course preferably done at dinner time. You can not pretend you do not hear the door bell, because they just come back, walking up the stairs to the terrace and wish you a tasty meal on the threshold of the open sliding doors. Collectors must be practical too, right?