Arrival of Santa

20 December 2005

arrival of santaToday, the landlord and his wife were expected to arrive at 10 AM on inspection. Yesterday we soon cleaned up the house and baked cookies.
At 9:30 AM they already knocked on the door! Frank got a scolding because he had cut down a tree. While the landlord had said on the first day: “You can do what you want with the garden”. Apparently not. The tree put a lot of shade in the garden and Frank thought it was meant as a flower garden where sunlight is needed …

A few weeks ago we saw the arrival of Santa Claus. His appearance was a bit disappointing. Apparently this year he could not find his fake mustache so he had hung his beard right under his nose and cut a hole for his mouth. It looked strange.
His hat was hung diagonally in front of his face, so that at least the people on the left side of the street couldn’t see his sloppy disguise. The right side of Santa was partly hidden by the pink fairy. That was easy, because Santa was very skinny, for a Santa.

arrival of santa clausHis somewhat lame appearance was preceded by a long line of ‘commercials’ by the local entrepreneurs. They had understood that Santa had to be the highlight of the show, so their floats looked as if they were quickly glued together the night before. Usually the company logo was used for promotional prospect, decorated with 1 simple Christmas garland 1 and -at best- with a cardboard reindeer antlers too.

We already have recognized a few people in the parade!!! The man who has come to pick up the Imperial last week (with the almost crushed trailer) blew the bagpipe along with the band wearing Scottish skirts. The mechanic who was in charge to repair the Lincoln was the chauffeur of the mayor driving a white Cadillac (my Lincoln probably was not ready to use yet, whahaha). And the owner of the Indian take-away drove around with an open boot within his 18 years old daughter ostensibly cooking on a plastic child’s kitchen.
That must be a miserable father …