Using the towbar

13 November 2005

Almost all pieces of furniture have found a place in the house and the old struggle to follow a normal daily routine is poppingĀ up again. But slowly we are getting a kind of everyday life (I’m painting again!) and we starting to think thoroughly about a next emigration …
Nooo, you should not believe everything;
using the towbarHowever … at the gypsy market a gypsy princess read our hand and she said that we would buy a plane.
So, we bought a plane.

In the weekend we decided to do a barefoot walk on the beach. After half an hour collecting large shells (I want to use them as a ‘single bed’ for each half-ripen strawberry in my garden, to protect them against the predatory ants) we saw a van on the beach. That’s nothing special, because man is allowed to drive on the beach to fish or gather wood. After coming closer we immediately became approached by the driver: “Yes, I’m parked here rather clumsy”.
“Yes, you are sunk in the sand to your axles !”
“Uh, I can hear you come from the Netherlands?”
Etcetera … etcetera …

using the towbarHe is a traveling salesman professional gardening tools and didn’t want to be back to his boss too early, so a bit bored he drove on the sand, realizing too late he was sitting in the business-van instead of his own 4WD. Well, the first few meters went well, but now he was hopelessly stuck and the tide was rising. Relieved he jumped up when it turned out that our car was a 4wd.
Once the chain was on the towbar the van was very unwilling to be moved. Only after 30 meters by dragging the van through the sand, the tires got grip again. But not after first thrown out a few heavy wood shredders.
The man was very happy we saved his day and offered us a nice pruning tool from his stock.