The impatient hairdresser

3 November 2005

After an earlier moving in the Netherlands, my famous planetary table (made with mirrors and luminous paint) and  was never put together again. On a cold winter’s day some parts even have landed in the fireplace. Since then we never have had a coffee table anymore, while knowing they are damn useful!
hairdresser During our search for chairs -which is still going these days- we saw all sorts of beautiful things to spice up the house, but not the right chairs. For example we saw a beautifully handcrafted coffee table from Hawaii. I found the slices of palmwood such a good idea! So we bought it!

For weeks I peeked inside every hairdresser’s, hoping to see the brand ‘Kérastase’ on the shelves. Because the quality of my hair is not really impressive I’m scared to risk a brand of dye I’m not familiar with. In Tauranga I happily found one.
The hairdresser frowned her eyebrows after seeing the color number I got from my Dutch hairdresser, but after some searching in a drawer she put a nylon piece of hair on my head that somewhat resembled the wanted colour.
The washing-girl was tempered soon by my many tangles which she resolutely teared out. At this moment my English isn’t improved enough to defend myself, so I accepted the gloomy prospect that my hair would be another 10% thinner.

hairdresserAfter 45 minutes the stuff was washed out. Via the mirror I saw the moody girl and the hairdresser discussing and pointing to my wet wisp in the sink over and over again. Because of the loud music and the rustling sound of the running taps I couldn’t hear what they said, but the expressions of their faces didn’t reassure me. The hairdresser grumpy stalked off and came back with yet another paste. My Dutch hairdresser never did it that way …
Eventually the color turned out okay, but I think the next time I try to dye it myself.