Logistics of car transport

6 September 2005

The gal at the desk of the container company, is endlessly stupid.
That’s no problem if you are prepared to deal with such people, but sometimes we forget to mentally protect ourselves against those potholes on our way.

Everything is arranged to transport our two cars to the harbour on Thursday September 8th (keep that date in mind!). There is no warrant of fitness (APK) and no insurance on the cars anymore, so they are transported on a trailer and Frank will chaperone them.
A 12 meter long container is waiting in the harbour, guided by a couple of guys with the knowledge and materials to steadily fix the cars on their ‘feet’.
Everybody is informed and everyone is alert.

Today the endlessly silly gal decreed that the cars needed to be present at the harbour already on … Wednesday September 7th!!! Remember … that was the overloaded day I had to bring Pini to the airport AND our entire household should be packed into the container …
And now all the things we had planned for 3 days, should be done in 1 day???

Of course the endlessly silly gal ensured that the guys would be present for the ‘lashing’ of the cars. Definitely! What did we think?! We were not their first clients, right?
Thank goodness, the driver of the trailer hadn’t a too full agenda and was willing to reschedule us for 1 day earlier.

So … tomorrow before the traffic jams are starting I’ll bring Pini to the airport. Returning back home to help stuffing the container. Then Frank left at noon to the Rotterdam harbour to escort the cars and I’ll handle the rest …

I hope I can get some sleep tonight.