Important stamp in animal passport

5 September 2005

A long time ago -at the beginning of 2005- I pinned Tuesday 8 September as flight departure day for my cat.
At that time I needed a fixed point in future to start a uncompromising preliminary stage of injections and blood tests, ticked in her animal passport, to get her through customs.

Today -8 months later- we were granted to get an important stamp of approval in Pini’s passport. This stamp is valid only a few days, so it couldn’t hardly obtained earlier or later.
On our way home we stopped at the airport to pick up a special travel cage. This cage will be ‘sealed’ during the 36 hours trip, so in advance I wanted to try to create some comfort inside.
The animal transporter told me that I had to arrange an earlier flight, because otherwise the cat would arrive in the weekend. And that was forbidden.

WHAAAT??? That was forbidden???

Important stamp in animal passportWell, what a luck that I popped in by by surprise. How the hell would I have known if I didn’t plan that little comfort project?
The suggested Wednesday 7 September for Pini’s new departure, was the worst day we could imagine. Because that day the container would be delivered. We had to stuff it with our furniture as fast as possible, to get it back on the road to the harbor on the same day. There was no time left to drive Pini to the airport.
But I had to …
So I planned to drive Pini to the office of the animal transporter before 7:00 AM

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  1. Oh God ja, wat een ellende was dat ‘s morgens heel vroeg er moeten zijn (en dan dat hele traject er voor met inentingen, bloedonderzoek etc!) Echt niets klantvriendelijks aan, laat staan fijn voor het dier, maar we zijn ‘zo gek’ op ze dat we ze toch meenemen! Nou uiteindelijk was het echt wel fijn , ondanks dat ze toen nog een maand in quarantaine moesten, dat is nu 10 dagen geworden geloof ik, ze hebben hier een gelukkig leven gehad.

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