Human characteristics translated into landscapes

The persitent one The other one 090HastyOne800 091SameOne800 092FamousOne800 093LuckyOne800 094CheekyOneScan 095ShyOneScan 096WeirdOneScan 097LostOnesScan 098HappyOneScan 099BraveOneScan

Portraits of my imaginary friends

Rene Patricia Van Lubeck donna06 Patricia Van Lubeck Patricia Van Lubeck Patricia Van Lubeck Patricia Van Lubeck

While painting these portraits of imaginary people, the question started spinning through my head; “How would they be related to each other?”
I could not easily store the answer in just a corner of this website. So, to prevent confusion I created a separate digital room for the talking/blogging portraits. With a who-is-who section and some more explanation in the form of a statement.
HERE you’ll find out what this is all about.

This is a collection of my older landscapes

178nothofagus_tumulosus 179salix_liquida 180physalis_pecus 181araucaria_velum 182fargesia_victualia 183simmondsia_vitra 184malus_arvum 185protea_madida 186taxus_glacialis 187cyphomandra_vitra 188tilia_ora 189polytrichum_antrum 190populus_flucta 191agaricia_bullio 192hederaferrugo 193sequoiadendron_nemus 194phyllostachys_instita 195robinia_natatalis 196tilia_arbora 197quercus_corymbion 198september 199fivebrothers

These insects are all made in 2010

795spinnetje 796lippen 797vuurvliegje 798tit 799rups

Some of my earlier works

892cloud picker 893goldfish 894imperial 895prullebak 896trans_europe_express 897dodge 898zich