Human characteristics translated into landscapes

The vain one Loyality Taiwan The naked one The free one The worried one The other one The lucky one The shy one The weird one The hasty one The same one The famous one The cheeky one The lost ones The happy one The brave one

Portraits of my imaginary friends

Rene the bartender tamara from the usa Donna daughter of Errol Alvaro from Medellin Edgar the pothead Errol the intellectual Oriana with her dark side

While painting these portraits of imaginary people, the question started spinning through my head; “How would they be related to each other?”
I could not easily store the answer in just a corner of this website. So, to prevent confusion I created a separate digital room for the talking/blogging portraits. With a who-is-who section and some more explanation in the form of a statement.
HERE you’ll find out what this is all about.

This is a collection of my older landscapes

vulcanic landscapes tear tree in the snow gooseberry tree sailing tree bamboo hills jojoba oil apple field swimming trees iced trees purple glass ribbon trees holes in the land waving forrest beach bubbles paintings rusty landscape pink trunks green sky tiles landscape turning trees curling trees psychedelic atmosphere five brothers

These insects are all made in 2010

blind spider lucky lips fire fly nipple rusty machine

Some of my earlier works

cloud picker goldfish in the sky chrysler imperial le baron 1972 trashbin trans europe express tee dodge snowglobe